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  • Swearing Parrot Keyring ~ Polly The Insulting Parrot

    Swearing Parrot Keyring ~ Polly The Insulting Parrot This feathered fiend has the vocabulary of a drunken sailor and no…

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    Swearing Parrot Keyring ~ Polly The Insulting Parrot

    Price: £7.99

  • I Taught Mr Grey Keyring

    I taught Mr Grey everyting he knows. 50 Shades of Grey Keyring   Chunky metal keyring.  Fifty Shades …

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    I Taught Mr Grey Keyring

    Price: £2.99

  • XXX Playing Cards ~ Sexy Men

    Adult Playing Cards - Male. Strewth.   These chaps aren't holding anything back. This is explicit stuff,…

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    XXX Playing Cards ~ Sexy Men

    Price: £1.75 £2.49

  • DIY Prostate Exam Kit

    DIY Prostate Exam Kit The do it yourself prostate examination kit comprises a plastic finger, a small hand mirror and a…

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    DIY Prostate Exam Kit

    Price: £3.99

  • Happy Man ~ Willy Bottlestopper

    The Happy Man ~ Willy Bottlestopper is a very cheeky adult novelty gift that will make the perfect Secret Santa present …

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    Happy Man ~ Willy Bottlestopper

    Price: £4.99

  • Wang Sok's Rank Ripe ~ Masturbation Sock

    Wang Sok's Rank Ripe ~ Masturbation Sock This Masturbation Sock will make an excellent novelty gift for a friend or…

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    Wang Sok's Rank Ripe ~ Masturbation Sock

    Price: £2.49

  • Hobbit Holly ~ Inflatable Doll

    Hobbit Holly ~ Inflatable Doll Are you pushed for space and can't get laid? The miniature inflatable love doll Hob…

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    Hobbit Holly ~ Inflatable Doll

    Price: £5.99

  • Willy Shaped Sponge

    This willy shaped sponge will help even the dirtiest girl scrub up like new.   Needless to say it's 7 1/2&quo…

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    Willy Shaped Sponge

    Price: £1.49

  • Waiting - Fifty Shades Chocolate

    Waiting for Mr Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey Chocolate Bar   Fifty Shades Of Grey is a 2011 erotic novel …

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    Waiting -  Fifty Shades Chocolate

    Price: £1.99

  • Penis Pasta ~ Willy Pasta

    Penis Pasta ~ Willy Pasta Beautifully packaged Italian pasta penises. Perfect for a hen night meal - how do juicy meat…

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    Penis Pasta ~ Willy Pasta

    Price: £4.49

  • Gift Bag ~ White Briefs

    Gift Bag ~ White Briefs . Great for bagging up some hen night party gifts. Gift bag 20x25cm. Complete with matching t…

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    Gift Bag ~ White Briefs

    Price: £1.99

  • Gift Bag ~ X Rated Gift

    Gift Bag ~ X Rated Gift . Perfect for wrapping a rude secret santa present to make it all the more embarrassing! …

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    Gift Bag ~ X Rated Gift

    Price: £1.99

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Here at we aim to bring you the very best (and worst) naughty adult novelty gifts. Some of the things are saucy, some are rude, others are tasteless. They all have one thing in common and that is, of course, they are all smutty! Hopefully there are very few of you that find anything here erotic, but if you do it might be a good time to increase the medication.

Hen nights are particularly well catered for with everything from Peppermint Willies to Willy Hoopla.

Office parties,Stag nights, Valentines Day gifts and 40th birthday presents are another of our specialities. Heaven help your workmates after you've shopped at Smutty Gifts for their Secret Santa gifts!

Brilliant minds around the world are constantly plumbing the depths of their imagination to invent new smutty gifts, and we bring them to you. We add new lines to our stock frequently, so remember to call back often.

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